The Union Tavern is well-known for its cracking craft beer range, with local London-brewed beers top of the agenda.

And when we return in late March, we’ll have a wider choice of bottled beers to offer you too.

We’ll also be looking outside of the capital now and again, introducing a "Trespasser" to the bar - a monthly-changing guest beer brewed in a city or country a little further from home…

On Tap

  1. London Pride

    The UK’s leading premium ale, London Pride is known and loved for its well balanced, distinctive flavour.

  2. Frontier


    This Small Batch Craft Lager is hand-crafted over 42 days for a more distinctive and memorable taste, using old world malt and new world hops.

  3. Black Cab

    Beneath its dark exterior you'll find luxurious red berry notes, and toasty aromas on the nose which culminate in a dry, bitter finish.

  4. aly

    Brewer Street Coffee

    A refined blend of fair-trade medium roast beans from Peru, Brazil, Tanzania and Sumatra

These beers have been delivered to us, so will be available now or very soon. Due to the care and time required to achieve their optimum flavour, we can't guarantee all of these beers will be available when you visit. Please call in advance before making a special journey.
Improvements under way

The Union Tavern is currently closed while we make a few small improvements, but fear not, we’ll be back in late March with more beautiful beers and fabulous food…